Auntyji wishes all Bhaji’s and Veerji’s Happy Rakhri! Today is a special day which signifies the bond between sisters and brothers. It is a day to reflect upon your relationship with one another. The relationship between a brother and sister is many things. It is built upon trust, support, respect, love and laughter.

Sister’s, today is a day to forget about all of the annoying things your brother did to you while growing up like pulling your hair, teasing you about your clothes and telling mom on you. Today sister’s around the world will go to their brother(s) and tie that special thread around his wrist to show him what he means to her. Make sure to take his favorite mithai, candy or dessert.

If your brother does not live near you, you can mail him a rakhri ahead of time or use one of the many websites which send Rakhri’s for you. Take time today to call him and wish him a Happy Rakhri. Reminisce about your childhood, share a laugh or simply tell him you love him.

Celebrate Rakhri together to create memories for the years to come!

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