Why is a wedding Choora only worn once?

Why is a wedding choora only worn once? Can a similar choora be worn again?- Espraha


Thank you for your question. To answer your question, yes, the choora can only be worn once. A woman should not wear the red and ivory bangles that signify the status of a newlywed unless she is newly married. Doing so would undermine the importance of a beautiful tradition and most likely raise many questions and comments from family and friends who are familiar with Punjabi culture and traditions. However, similar bangles are readily available and come in a variety of colours. My suggestion to you is to go to a boutique which specializes in bangles and jewelry and ask for bangles that are just as lovely as a choora, but would not be mistaken for one.
The choora is a significant part of Punjabi weddings and is adorned upon the bride-to-be during a special ceremony the night before the wedding. The maternal uncle puts the choora on the bride which symbolizes the beginning of her new life. Traditionally, the colours of a choora were red and ivory and brides would wear 21 bangles on each arm. Today, choora’s come in many colours and designs, but they are still two alternating colours and are worn as a set of 21 bangles on each arm. The choora is a distinct set of bangles with two alternating colours which symbolizes that a woman is newly married. Traditionally, the choora was worn for one year after the wedding, but today brides can choose to wear it for any length of time up to one year. Tradition states that once the choora is removed, brides can begin their role as the woman of the house and begin to take over duties from their mother-in-law.
I hope this helps and happy shopping!

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