Why do women buy so many suits?


Why do women have to buy sooo many suits? And wear only once.



Thank you for your question. It is nice to get a question from a male perspective.

People today seem to thrive on continuously purchasing not just new things, but new and improved things. Some purchase the latest electronic gadget or faster cars, while others – perhaps the women in your life – purchase the latest fashion trend in a salvar kameez. Buying goods for the sake of the goods or status rather than based on need is definitely a sign of the times. Your Auntyji believes that the consumerization of society is very much the root of the issue your question raises.

As for wearing a salvaar kameez just one time, your Auntyji is not in favour of this practise. A beautiful outfit deserves to be worn more than one time as they are meant to be shown off in many arenas.


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