Who should arrive at hall first when chunni ceremony is being hosted by both families?

Question: My niece’s chunni ceremony in being held in a hall and is being hosted by both  families,  who should be at the venue first, boy’s side or girl’s side? – Harish


Thank you for your question. Your Auntyji will be giving you two options as I am not certain of your arrangements.

Option 1: If you are doing a combined engagement party for both your niece and her betrothed – that is chunni ceremony for her and shagun ceremony for him – then I suggest the boy’s side arrives first and greet guests as they arrive. The girl’s side should make a grand entrance once all the guests have arrived. In addition to what will be given to the boy, her family should arrive with her brothers and male cousins holding mithai and baskets of fruit or different themed basket like chocolates or fancy teas (get creative with the themes).

Option 2: If you are doing only the chunni ceremony, then I suggest that the girl’s side be first to arrive at the hall. Traditionally, chunni ceremonies are done at the girl’s home. The boy’s family comes bearing gifts, mithai and of course, the chunni in hand.  In this case, you should treat the hall as if it were home and be there to greet the boy’s family with open arms and hearts.

I hope this helps and have a wonderful time at the ceremony.


Apke Auntyji

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