Who Buys My Choora?


“I am getting married this summer and would like to know who is supposed to buy me my choora for the wedding?” – Sonia

Auntyji’s Answer:


That is a very good question! It is our tradition that your mother’s brother(s) buy you the choora for your wedding. You should definitely go with them to choose the size and color; you must make it match as we know that is the style these days. They will bring it with them as a part of your Nanki Shuk and present it to you and your family along with your wedding outfit. Of course, there are situations where either your Mamaji may not be able to attend or you who may not have a Mamaji, then your parents or another friend or relative from your mother’s side may take their place.

Of course, this is just your Auntyji’s humble opinion. The final decision on how to proceed is between you and your family.

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