How Much Money to Give in Lieu of a Ramala?


What is the appropriate amount of money to give to a gurdwara in lieu of a ramala? – Rani

Auntyji’s Answer:


Thank you for your very thoughtful question. It is a good idea to give money instead of a ramala because gurdwaras are fairly well stocked with ramalas and this way they can utilize the money in other ways. The best way to determine how much to give in lieu of a ramala is to find out how much one costs. Typically a ramala costs between $10 and $50 CAD. The amount you can spend on a ramala can vary greatly depending on the intricacies of the design and material. The amount in lieu of a ramala should be based on your financial situation and what you feel right giving. For example, $11-$51 or any amount that works for you. The additional dollar is added to make it an odd number which is considered auspicious.

Of course, this is just your Auntyji’s humble opinion. The final decision on how to proceed is between you and your family.

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