What should the bride’s family bring in when they enter the engagement party?

Question: Hi Auntyji. It is my cousin’s engagement next month and we want to know what the girl’s side family should bring in when they enter. We have seen people bring fruit baskets and sweets. Do you have any other suggestions?

You are correct in that the girl’s side bring Indian sweets and fruit baskets. Other ideas are themed gift baskets either pre-made or you may make your own. Making your own is a nice touch as the girl’s family can personalize items given in the basket. I suggest baskets like a tea or coffee basket, depending on the groom’s preference. You can add some fancy teas or coffee along with nice mugs. Add packages of cookies or pastries as well to have with the spot of tea. Another idea is a candy basket. Who wouldn’t love to open up a basket of chocolates and candy? A wine and cheese basket is another classic basket. Include the groom’s favourite wine, wine glasses, some candles and a variety of cheeses and some nice crackers. Make sure you add the cheese at the last minute so it doesn’t spoil. Wrap all baskets nicely with cellophane and beautiful ribbons.

Finally, for an added touch of fancy, you can arrange your mithai boxes in three tiers (biggest on the bottom and smallest on top). Wrap each box in nice paper and tie all three together with an elegant ribbon.

Since Indians like odd numbers as they are considered auspicious, make 3, 5 or 7 baskets/boxes, two of which can be fruit and the others a themed basket and mithai. As the girl’s side usually enters once all of the other guests have arrived, the decorated boxes and baskets look amazing while family members carry them into the venue.

Good luck!


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