What make-up do I need to purchase for the chunni ceremony?

Make-up for Chunni Ceremony Question:

I am getting married soon and my mother-in-law has given me money to buy make-up, bags and shoes. What should the make-up consist of as it’s for the chunni ceremony or rasm? – Deep

Auntyji’s Answer:


Congratulations to you! And I must say, I think it’s wonderful that these days in-laws give their daughter-in-law’s-to-be the funds to purchase items like those you mentioned for the chunni ceremony. This practise is extremely beneficial as it ensures everything bought will be worn without hesitation and with satisfaction.

Make-up purchased for the bride should consist of everything from A to Z: meaning from your foundation, down to your lip gloss and nail polish. Conventional wisdom around this matter is that once you are
married you do not take your old make-up to your in-laws home (although parting with that prized Sephora lip stick might be difficult). Basically everything you use to make yourself up will need to be purchased.

For the chunni rasm (ceremony) most women have their make-up done ahead of time. If this is the case, it means the only make-up items your in-laws may be able to apply as sagan during the ceremony is nail polish and/or sindoor. As some families do not apply sindoor to the bride-to-be’s forehead, it’s best to check if you need to purchase it. Also, I know that some families may not apply it, but still like to include it as part of the make-up kit. Check in with your mom-in-law and determine if you need to have both nail polish and sindoor available for the ceremony.

My best to you!


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