What is the point of making Rangoli?

Question: What is the point of making rangoli? -Rav


Rangoli is folk art from India which is used during festivals and special occasions, such as weddings. Rangoli designs are created during the maiyan ceremonies of Punjabi Sikh weddings. They are decorative designs and are thought to bring good luck. Like many other customs and traditions in Punjabi Sikh weddings, the notion of good luck is part of the reason for making these beautiful pieces of art.

Rangoli designs can be basic geometric shapes or elaborate designs created by many people. Traditionally, only women created these designs, however, now both women and men can be a part of creating rangoli.

In Hindu culture, rangoli is used for religious purposes and is considered an important part of the spiritual process. In Sikh weddings, rangoli designs are created for their beauty, rather than for religious reasons. Rangoli is created with rice, flour and other brightly coloured powders such as turmeric or paprika. Once the design is complete, the bride or groom to be will sit with their feet on the design for the maiyan ceremony. In some families the rangoli design is passed down from generation to generation.

Creating rangoli designs is an excellent way to bring the generations in your family closer together. Ask the elders in your family to teach you the traditional family design, if there is one, or have some of the younger women create their own designs that they may wish to pass along to their children some day.



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