Suggest snacks for Akand Paath?

What sort of snacks should I be making for Akhand Paath that I will be having at home this weekend, and should there be pakora’s on Sunday morning?

– Bubbly


It is a pleasure to hear that you are having an Akand Paath in your home.  Typically, at an Akand Paath, aside from the prepared langar for main meals, having a few Indian snacks on hand for your guests or the paathi’s coming in and out is a good idea.

Popular savory and sweet snacks for such an event are mutteri, mathi, seerni, barfi, vasan, pinee and ludoo.  These items can be served over the three days  with chai as needed.  The snacks can be made at home or now, conveniently, they are available in almost all the Indian sweet shops.

As for pakoras,  having these for your guests first thing Sunday morning is a good option and is often welcomed by the sangat – your guests. As guests come in, serving pakoras with a hot cup of chai will be a welcome treat. Pakora at this time serves as a breakfast and will tide your guest over until langar is served, which normally will be after 12 noon.  It’s best to have the pakoras freshly made as the sangat arrives or, if that is not an option, they can be kept warm in a chafing dish.

However you choose, your efforts will be appreciated and your home will be blessed. Wish you all the best!


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