Sehra Reading at bride’s Home

When baratiis reach to brides home for the wedding, someone from groom’s side reads SEHRA which describes the entire family of groom.
I want to get the sample of Sehra.




The term Sehra orginates from the Muslim religion and traditionally was a poem sung at a nikah (Muslim wedding) in praise of the groom, praying to God for his future wedded life. Both Sikhs and Hindus have adopted this tradition and include this as part of the wedding ceremony. A Sehra (for the groom) and a Sikhya (for the bride) are usually read in the Gurdwara by a granthi or a relative who speaks on behalf of the bride’s or groom’s family. The Sehra or Sikhya can also be read at an alternate time which suits the family.

Providing an example of a Sehra is not possible because a Sehra is a very personal account of the groom and his family. It describes the characteristics and personality of the groom and perhaps his father and mother, siblings, grandparents and maybe other close relatives. The following is a guideline that may be used to write a Sehra for the groom:

1)     Describes the nature and personality of the groom.

2)     Tells positive characteristics and accomplishments of the family of the groom.

3)     Condemns the couple from ill thinking; the couple should keep a positive state of mind.

4)     There shall be equality in the relationship; the couple should not dominate each other.

5)     The couple should complement each other in expression and lifestyle.

6)     The couple should love each other.

7)     The girl and boy should not be known as ‘husband & wife’ but should be called ‘one light in two bodies’ or ‘ek jot, doe murat’.

8)     Parents give advice “sah ki saar suhagan jane, tuj abhiman sukh ralian mane” meaning there should be no attitude in the relationship. Make your family a happy family.


The Sehra that is read during the wedding is intended to give advice to the couple about marriage and their relationship and their roles. It is a beautiful tradition and your Auntyji is pleased that it is still being observed today.



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