What should we do to Sehra of groom after marriage?

What should we do to Sehra of groom after marriage?




Sehrabandi is a beautiful tradition that is an important part of Indian weddings. A Sehra is a very important wedding accessory for the groom. It was once believed (and perhaps still is) that the sehra was worn to protect the groom from “nazaar” or the evil eye. Many years ago Sehras were worn only by royalty, but today many grooms choose to wear one.

 A Sehra is the headdress that is tied around the groom’s head by his sisters on the morning of the wedding. The ceremony is called Sehrabandi. Afterwards, all those who witness the ceremony give monetary gifts to the boy as a token of good luck. After the wedding the Sehra can be kept by the groom or his family as a memory of the wedding. Often the mother of the groom may keep it in a safe place to remember the occasion. Just like the bride’s choora or bouquet, the Sehra is an important part of the groom’s attire on his wedding day and can be preserved. Your Auntyji has seen Sehra’s framed and placed in a special place in the home alongside the bride’s flower bouquet or choora. If this does not suit you, then the Sehra can also be given to the Gurdwarda. You can take it and give it as an offering there.


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