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Rakhri Overview

Rakhri is observed to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters. The ceremony involves a sister or female cousin tying a rakhri or thread around the brother’s wrist. The thread symbolizes the sister’s love and prayers for her brother, and the brother’s vow to protect her throughout her life. After tying the rakhri, the sister offers or feeds her brother something sweet and in return receives a gift such as money or clothing.

Rakhri Festival

Materials Required:

  • Rakhri (can be purchased from most Indian retailers)
  • Sweets for your brother or male cousin
  • A gift for your sister (monetary or other)

Time Of Day:

  • Rakhri is traditionally tied in the morning

How It’s Done:

  1. The sister goes to her brother’s house and ties the rakhri on his wrist
  2. She then offers or feeds him something sweet
  3. The brother gives his sister money or a gift

Auntyji’s Approach

Bachai lok, your Aunty recommends going to your brother’s home on the day of Rakhri at a time that suits both of your schedules. Take either traditional Indian sweets (mithai) for him or his favourite candy, cookies, cupcakes or doughnuts. To make the occasion more formal, put your Rakhri and sweets on a silver tray (thali). Your brother will most likely give you money in return, so make sure you decline the first few times (like you’ve been taught by your mummyji and daddyji) and then graciously accept it.

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