Punjabi Wedding Traditional Folk Songs

punjabi wedding traditional folk songs

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Punjabi Wedding Traditional Folk Songs

“Punjabi Lyrics Written Phonetically in English”

Weddings are joyous occasions for all involved. They are colourful occasions full of flare in which singing or the sangeet plays a huge part. Now, with the help of Auntyji’s Punjabi Wedding Traditional Folk Songs ebook, you can lead your family and friends in singing traditional Punjabi wedding folk songs at the sangeet– songs your mothers, grandmother and aunties have sung through the generations. This compilation of popular Punjabi wedding songs has been phonetically translated into English for your use and convenience. The younger generation can now fully participate and enjoy the sangeet by downloading this eBook at askauntyji.net. Sangeet is a Sanskrit word that means singing together. It is also a fun filled function that is an important part of a Punjabi wedding. The sangeet can take place a few days prior to the wedding or on a number of days leading up to the wedding.

Auntyji suggests you recruit a dholki player and a group of women to join you in singing these beautiful and fun wedding songs. In preparation for the sangeet, Auntyji also suggests you listen to melody of the songs in the book to become familiar with them. After listening to such artists like Mussarat, you will easily be able sing the tunes. Some of the popular songs included in the ebook are:

  • Kala Shah Kala
  • Sona Vatna
  • MathaTe ChumkanVaal
  • Mehendi Ni Mehendi.

This is a must have accessory for every Punjabi wedding! Download thePunjabi Wedding Traditional Folk Songs eBook and begin practising these songs for your upcoming family wedding! It includes songs for both the bride’s and groom’s side of the family and has been proven to provide hours of fun and entertainment for all involved – even those watching!

Punjabi Wedding Songs ebook is a nice addition to the Punjabi Weddings eBook that you can also download from askauntyiji.net.

Available to download today for the introductory price of just $14.99!

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