Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide

Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide

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Auntyji’s Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide

“Your guide to Punjabi Weddings and Punjabi Wedding Functions”

Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life. Punjabi Sikh weddings are deep-rooted in rich tradition and include many events and ceremonies. This Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide EBook provides practical information at your fingertips. The book details what is required at a Punjabi Sikh wedding ceremony and at each of the events and ceremonies that leads up to the wedding ceremony as well as those that occur after the wedding ceremony.

The book provides a brief overview, lists materials required, and explains in a step-by-step approach that is easy to understand how each of the following ceremony and events performed or conducted:

  • Thaka
  • Engagement – Kurmai and Chunni Ceremony
  • Nanki Shuk
  • Jago
  • Sangeet
  • Mehndi
  • Maiyan
  • Choora Ceremony
  • Surma and Kalgi/Sehra Bandi
  • Milni and Barat Reception
  • Anand Karaj
  • Doli

The guide takes this easy to follow approach because planning for a wedding can be overwhelming especially when a number people give advice on how certain things should be done. Use the Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide Ebook to ease your planning. Auntyji is convinced that it provides enough detail for you to be confident in hosting a wedding event on your own.

This Ebook also gives examples of traditional wedding songs that are sung throughout the wedding festivities. As a companion document, the Traditional Punjabi Wedding Song Ebook is also available. It provides Punjabi lyrics of popular wedding folk songs like that are phonetically written in English. Here are some examples of songs available in the Traditional Punjabi Wedding Song Ebook:

  • Kala Shah Kala
  • Mehndi Ni Mehndi
  • Mathe de Chumkan Vaal
  • Lathe de Chaadar
  • Phullan di Bahar
  • Chitta Kukar

Auntyji knows that holding onto Punjabi Sikh traditions is of utmost importance to most in the community. As your grandmothers, mothers, and auntyji’s get older, the threat of losing some of the traditions or not knowing why certain things are done in a certain manner becomes real and more pronounced. The Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide EBook helps the next generation take a proactive approach in gaining the knowledge needed uphold traditions. The Punjabi Wedding Reference Guide EBook is designed to help maintain important and long standing traditions related to Punjabi Sikh weddings.

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