Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all Fathers a Happy Father’s Day

Auntyji wishes all daddies, papas, dhadhaji’s, and nanaji’s a very Happy Father’s Day.  The relationship of a father to his child is so many things. It is strong, influential, warm, supportive and trustworthy.

Auntyji knows that fathers are pillars of strength for their children. A father’s guidance leads them to achieve their goals. Auntyji also knows that it doesn’t matter how old you get, your father holds a special place in your heart. A place that feels like home.  Fathers instill values in their children.  He is a counsellor, a guide, a disciplinarian, a motivator and most importantly,  fun loving and a gentleman.

Bachai lok, treat your father today in celebration of his special day and the bond between you. In my experience, fathers are easy to please so, go big and have a picnic, or take him out to play his favourite game – perhaps cricket or golf; or simply get him his favourite mithai, perhaps kheer karah or paata. Celebrate Father’s Day knowing the unconditional love your father has for you and make  wonderful memories that you can hold in your heart for years to come.

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