Chuni Presentation at the Sagan Ceremony


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Please see my suggestion to you on the presentation of a Chuni at the Sagan ceremony below.
Purchase the following items from an Indian wedding decorator or supply shop:
1) An organza pouch.  If you cannot find an organza pouch then clear plastic cover will be fine to put the chuni in.
2) A large box with a gold or silver top.
3) One thick gold or silver ribbon and one other ribbon with the color matching the chuni.
4) Large gold or silver bow (for the top of the box)
Put the Chuni in the organza pouch or plastic.  Then wrap the pouch with the ribbon like a Tiffany bow. Place the wrapped chuni in the box and finish the look with a large bow on top of the box.  (The decorating shop may be able to do this for you at a minimal cost while you wait).
When guests see the box they will surely be impressed and intrigued to see what’s inside. Once they open it, they will be dazzled by the contents!

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