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Can the bride lead the way during the wedding lavan?

Question: The groom leads the way, with the bride following close behind; they walk around the Guru Granth Sahib altar. I’m not sure but if the girl were to lead the way (maybe 1/2 the time) would that be acceptable? I’m Sikh but I want to know the truth.   Rajdeepji, Before I answer yourContinue Reading

Should the groom’s family visit first during a Takha or the bride’s family?

Question: We will be arranging the takha/pyar for my daughter. Who visits first? Does the groom’s family visit the bride’s family or the other way around?   Paramjotji, Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming wedding! Traditionally a takha, the first pre-wedding ceremony in a Punjabi wedding, is only done once and usually takes place at theContinue Reading

Nanki Shuk

Click here to go straight to Auntyji’s Approach to Nanki Shuk. Nanki Shuk Nankay (maternal family) arrive with gifts for the bride including her wedding outfit. This is known as Nanki Shuk.  Traditionally, nankay were the ones responsible for buying the wedding outfit and jewellery for the bride. There are no rules attached to thisContinue Reading


Click here to go straight to Auntyji’s Approach to Jago. Jago is a celebration initiated by the nankai of bride and groom (maternal families). The nankai arrive at the wedding home of the with much fan fare including signing and dancing. The term Jago means wake. The female relatives take turns carrying a gagger (aContinue Reading

Anand Karaj

Click here to go straight to Auntyji’s Approach on Anand Karaj. The Anand Karaj Anand Karaj, literally meaning blissful union, is the actual wedding ceremony. The ceremony traditionally takes place in the morning and is completed by noon. The main component of the ceremony is the four lavan (walk around the Guru Granth Sahib –Continue Reading

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