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Which dried fruits to take to a kurmai

 Question: How much dried fruit do you take for the kurmai and which fruits?   Mindeji,  For the kurmai ceremony the most important fruit to take is dried dates. The groom, or if it is an engagement party, the couple is fed the dates as a Sagan by both parents. In addition to the driedContinue Reading

Do I take anything to a wedding reception?

Question: I am excited to have been invited to a wedding reception following the ceremony and am unsure what to expect. Should I take anything? Angelaji, If you have never been to an Indian wedding you are in for a pleasant surprise! Indian weddings are beautiful events full of vibrant colours, lots of food and friendlyContinue Reading

What to bring to a Takha

Question:  I am attending a friends takha soon, Do  I bring a gift for my friend and her soon to be husband, and if so what kind of gift would I bring? Thank you, Ariel   It is very nice to hear that your friend is about to get engaged and having a takha! ThereContinue Reading

Where does the girl go after shaadi?

Question: Where does the girl go after shaadi?   Hello,   Thank you for your question as to where the girl goes after shaadi.  Immediately after the shaadi ceremony at the temple the bride and groom, along with their families meet at the gir’ls house for a final farewell to the girl.  At the girl’s houseContinue Reading

What are the rituals for Karva Chauth?

Question: Respected daughter is engaged and this is her first karva chauth before marriage post engagement.. what are the rituals from girl side and the boy side for such fast.lena dena from both sides kya hona chahiye auntiji..please tell us in detail. One more thing auntiji: jaisi milni male members ki hoti hai kyaContinue Reading

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