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Is there any special ceremony performed when removing my choora?

Question: As tradition I did wear my choora for 40 days. But neither my husband nor any of his family members are here. He is away for business and his parents are back home in India. I just wanted to know if I can take it off myself; is there any special ceremony performed thatContinue Reading

Can the chunni and kurmai be held on the same day?

Question: My daughter is getting engaged and we will be having the engagement at their home in the back yard with tents, as their house is big and the groom said it would be okay.  Can the chunni and kurmai be held in their house the same day or do each sides have to comeContinue Reading

How are the costs of a wedding shared?

Question:  I want to enquire who pays for the reception, the food, entertainment, hall and other associated costs of a wedding?  Shobaji, Thank you for your questions once again. I hope I have been of some assistance to you already.  As we already know the costs associated with Indian weddings can be very high. TraditionallyContinue Reading

Advice needed for step son’s wedding

Question: Hi Auntyji, My step son is getting married and we are in the process to do up the wedding cards. My step son insists on putting his mother’s name together with my name and my husband’s name (his father) on the wedding card. We’ve been married for about 17 years, and my step sonContinue Reading

Confused About Indian Wedding Traditions and After Wedding Traditions.

Your articles are quite interesting and informative. I feel quite confused about Indian wedding traditions and after wedding traditions and am looking for some clarity. Many thanks for your continued advice.  A much required service to the community. Debbie Debbieji, Thank you for your questions. I hope that my response will shed some light on theseContinue Reading

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