Can you give a sample of Sikhya to be read in Gurdwara from girl’s side?

Question: Can you give a sample of Sikhya to be read in Gurdwara from girl’s side?



 The word ‘Sikh’ originated from ‘sikhya‘, meaning a humble disciple or a learner. Guru Nanak, founded the Sikh faith with his spiritual and social teachings in which he taught the union with God through direct personal experience.  He emphasized meditation on God’s name (Naam), to live with an inner awakening of God. The Sikhya to be read in the gurdwara from the girl’s side normally will have a few verses containing teachings. You must speak to the Granthi at the Gurdwara in order to find the appropriate Sikhya.   Please use the following as a guideline.

 1)  Condemns the couple from ill thinking; the couple should keep a positive state of mind.

2) There shall be equality in the relationship; the couple should not dominate each other.

3) The couple should complement each other in expression and lifestyle.

4) The couple should love each other.

6) The girl and boy should not be known as ‘husband & wife’ but should be called ‘one light in two bodies’ or ‘ek jot, doe murat’.

7) Parents give advice “sah ki saar suhagan jane, tuj abhiman sukh ralian mane” meaning there should be no attitude in the relationship. Make your family a happy family.

8) Mother gives advice to her daughter: “Keep shanti at home”. The woman of the house can make the house ‘swarg’ (heaven) or ‘narg’ (hell).

 The Sikhya that is read during the wedding is intended to give advice to the couple about marriage and their relationship and their roles.  The Granthi in the Gurdwara will assist you in choosing the Sikhya. He can give you some ideas of the ones that are applicable and then you can choose the one you would like them to recite.


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