What pieces of jewelry do I need to buy my daughter-in-law for the wedding?

I need to buy my daughter-in-law a gold wedding jewelry set. What pieces do I need to buy? What is the guide price cost? When negotiating with an indian jeweler based in a London Suburb what scope is there for negotation? Thank you for your help in advance.  Surjit    Surjitji,  First of all, congratulations onContinue Reading

What should I give to my Nephew on Lohri

What is the Bhuah’s role in her nephew’s 1st Lohri? What gifts should I present to him and my brother and Bhabi? Ravideep   Ravideepji, Lohri is celebrated on January 13 to commence the winter harvest, traditionally associated with the harvest of the Rabi crops (crops planted in Autumn and harvested in winter, such asContinue Reading

Who can stand with the bride during the laavan?

My question is regarding the Anand Karaj. While Lavan take place bride’s brothers stand around Guru Granth Sahib Ji to walk beside the bride. My question is:  Are also friends allowed to do this? I think there are about 4 people standing there. Father, brother, cousins, but can’t friends also stand there or does this haveContinue Reading

Time Frame for Announcing Engagement After a Close Relatives Death?

I would like to know how soon after a close relatives death can you announce an engagement. – Suman Sumanji, May the memories of your close relative stay with you always and give you peace and comfort in knowing they lived a good life. Traditionally families used to wait one year before celebrating any event; thisContinue Reading

When you do the kurmai what do we give to the boy’s mom?

Question: When you do the kurmai what do we give to the boy’s mom?   Manjitji, First of all, congratulations on the upcoming marriage that will take place in your family.  The kurmai can precede the Anand Karaj (marriage ceremony) by any length of time – literally years to one week before. As a key componentContinue Reading

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