Is there any special ceremony performed when removing my choora?


As tradition I did wear my choora for 40 days. But neither my husband nor any of his family members are here. He is away for business and his parents are back home in India.
I just wanted to know if I can take it off myself; is there any special ceremony performed that I need to do?  Please help.



Thank you for your question. Traditionally, the choora was worn for one year after the wedding, but today brides can choose to wear it for any length of time up to one year. Tradition states that once the choora is removed, brides can begin their role as the woman of the house and begin to take over duties from their mother-in-law. But it seems you are already taking on the chores of the household being alone. It was custom for brides to wear it for 40 days which you have, but seeing as your husband is away he cannot remove it for you, so you can keep it on until he comes back or call your mother-in-law for consultation.  It is best to consult your mother-in-law and follow their traditions, as customs vary from family to family.  Some girls often take off their choora on their own and there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe that we all have to adjust to the situations we are put in and tradition can carry on in varying ways.

Once removed the choora can be kept as a keepsake by the bride. Sometimes girls would like to have preserved as they would with their bouquet in a glass case. This can be kept virtually anywhere in the house as an ornamental piece or decor but most have been known to keep it in their bedroom. If you remove it on your own and store it nicely, I’m sure your husband will surely be pleased to see it kept and cherished. 

 I hope this helps. Have a wonderful married life.


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