How are the costs of a wedding shared?


I want to enquire who pays for the reception, the food, entertainment, hall and other associated costs of a wedding? 


Thank you for your questions once again. I hope I have been of some assistance to you already.  As we already know the costs associated with Indian weddings can be very high. Traditionally the bride’s family will take care of all expenses associated with the wedding ceremony. For example, the religious ceremonies in a mandir, gurdwara, or banquet hall, with lunch or meal following are traditionally paid for by the bride’s family. The reception traditionally is paid for by the groom’s family. The reception includes rental of the banquet hall, food, entertainment, music (DJ), and alcohol, if they wish to serve it. 

Since the reception is much more costly than the wedding and the cost are borne by the groom’s side, the majority of the guests  are normally from his side as well.  The bride’s side is usually limited to the number of guests they bring.  Again this is traditionally how it has been done. Now it has been known to have cots shared for the reception by both families  and to have an equal number of guests attending from both sides. There has to be an solid understanding between the two families before this can happen. On the other hand, it is not normal for the costs of the wedding ceremony to be shared; it has  always paid for by the bride’s family. Although, your Auntyji never says never. With children getting married later in age these days, the bride and groom are sometimes taking care of the costs themselves and then all cost, wedding and reception are shared equally.

Good luck with all the wedding festivities!



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