What food is served during the maiyan lunch?

Question: What traditional food is served during maiyan lunch? I know you have to serve aloo variyaan. Please help.



Traditionally, in India Aloo Variyaan were often served at large functions. This has nothing to do with the ceremony itself; rather it was a cost saving measure. Aloo were readily available and affordable and variyaan were easily made at home by drying a variety of daal and then processed to make the variyaan. Until fairly recently, the diet of Indians was limited to what could be grown on the family farm or what could be bought at the local market. Refrigeration did not exist or was unreliable to store milk based foods, thus limiting what could be cooked for large functions. Aloo Variyaan became “tradition” based on necessity and affordability. Variyaan also serve the function of soaking up excess water in sabji which is why they are added to some dishes today.

It is a nice touch to serve aloo variyaan today; however you do not need to do so. Many people choose to cater functions during a wedding and a wide range of dishes are available. If you wish to keep it simple, then I suggest one dahl, one sabji, and shai paneer (Nanak foods has an excellent paneer product available in most cities). This is an excellent vegetarian lunch. You can also add chili chicken if you wish to include a meat dish.

I hope this helps!




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