Ask Auntyji: Your Guide to Punjabi Culture

Ever had a question about Punjabi culture or a Punjabi cultural event, but didn’t know who to ask? Let Auntyji be your guide. Ask Auntyji is a website dedicated to presenting rich, culturally based information related to significant life events of a Punjabi person in the western world.

Don’t know what to take to the gurdwara when hosting an Kirtan? Ever wonder what is tied in the corner of the phulkari for the maiyan ceremony? Don’t know what a phulkari is? Well wonder no longer. The answers are contained within the pages of this website. The recipe card approach explains the steps involved in planning and organizing events and festivities which makes this a great how-to guide.

Ask Auntyji provides information on Punjabi culture, Punjabi Sikh weddings, Sikh religious functions and Punjabi festivals and traditions. Auntyji gives you the facts and her opinion.

Punjabi Culture Today

Today Punjabi people live all over the world! They  have held onto their rich Punjabi culture and live their everyday lives trying to retain every bit they can.  Spiritually, as a Sikh or a Hindu Punjabi, the beliefs are retained and customs are being carried out with the help of numerous gurdwaras and mandirs and now of course, there’s Auntyji’s help.

Auntyji has given you short, informative descriptions of many types of Punjabi events and how to hold them.  Take for example, an Akhand Paath; not only has Auntyji given you an overview, she’s given you a list of required materials to hold one, an outline of days (ie Day 1, Day 2 etc), how it is done, a Parshad recipe, and even a sample of a three day Langar menu. No room left for guessing here.

Auntyji will be your resourceful guide to a Sikh wedding.  There are over 12 components to look at  and Auntyji will tell you about each with complete instructions on how to make it happen, without the stress of not knowing what to do next.  Auntyji has even included a suggestion of Punjabi wedding songs, which play a huge part of the pre-wedding festivities.

Lohri, Vaisakhi, Rakhri, and Diwali are all vibrant, colorful Punjabi festivals and Auntyji tells you how to make your festivity complete and flawless with her simple overviews, plus step by step instructions on how to put a function together.  Start planning your event today!

Ask Auntyji: Your Guide to Punjabi Culture

Ask Auntyji: Your Guide to Punjabi Culture



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